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The Founders

The Founders

Dr. Andreas Seebach is considered one of the cleantech pioneers. With RES Renewable Energy Systems, he developed an innovative way to process biogas and feed it into the natural gas grid. As the founder of bmp greengas, he was awarded the Innovation Prize of the German Energy Agency. Together with other entrepreneurs, he founded the hydrogen initiative Bavaria & Baden-Württemberg - H2 Süd e.V.

Holger Garbrecht has many years of international expertise in building and managing high-tech companies. Projects for the development of environmentally friendly technologies through to innovative H2 infrastructure solutions brought him together with Andreas Seebach.

The founding and further development of white energy GmbH was another logical step for both of them to enable companies and organizations to use energy in a self-determined, self-sufficient and sustainable manner through a comprehensive energy management system in the building sector.

“Our over-globalized economy is draining the resources of our planet. The energy supply of buildings will play a central role in a sustainable economic model. white energy is actively driving this transformation in the building sector.”